The Project

Your Community, Your Wiki

The Coworking Wiki is designed to be an open, collaborative platform for sharing tools and information across coworking spaces worldwide. It is meant to further the growth of a movement by harnessing the values of the coworking community: openness, collaboration, accessibility, sustainability, and community.

Consistently in the top three search results for “coworking” (behind only Wikipedia and, and receiving about 500 hits a day, the Coworking Wiki gives a crucial first impression, and we want that impression to be a great one.

What Needs Fixing

The deficiencies of the Coworking Wiki are easy to spot. Users find an unfiltered homepage, innumerable broken links, and section headings with no content. They find outdated directory listings and mentor contacts. Right now, the wiki is most commonly used as a transfer point to get somewhere else.

The wiki belongs to all of us. It is our public face and our platform, but what does it say to the world when our platform is mostly known for detours and dead ends? We have a vision for an updated wiki and are excited to start moving towards it!

Who Will do the Work?

Until now, the Coworking Wiki has been maintained by a small group of dedicated volunteers, but the coworking movement has grown exponentially over the last few years. The job of keeping the wiki maintained and up-to-date with all that is happening has become too big for the same level of commitment.

Enter a small team of coordinators in Seattle – Jacob Sayles, Chelsea McClain, Kevin Skiena, and Susan Evans. We are working hard to realize the full potential of a redesigned and carefully cultivated Coworking Wiki. We want to involve the community in the redesign process while reporting on our progress, and we want to grow the team that will take on the day-to-day management of the Coworking Wiki going forward.

Our goal is to bring together approximately 5 employees of coworking spaces around the world to do the ongoing work of wiki maintenance and growth. This team will ultimately be responsible for site organization and maintenance, respond to community questions and feedback, and will ensure that the wiki remains a neutral, community-based platform available to everyone. They will work closely with the coordinators in Seattle at the start of the project, and once they are fully trained and comfortable in their roles, the coordinators will step away and leave them with complete control over the wiki. These one-year positions are designed to be flexible, harness the talents and abilities of the individuals, and easy to hand-off to new team members. Coworking spaces are encouraged to donate up to 5 hours/week of their employee’s time to maintaining the Coworking Wiki.