What People Are Saying


“The coworking wiki is a living, breathing representation of the collective effort of the global coworking movement. In no other place can you find a more complete record of past, present, and future efforts to develop coworking communities in a given area. For someone new to coworking, it is an opportunity to catch up on what’s been happening and to connect with people who are leading the way, or who are ready to be led.”
Tony Bacigalupo, New Work City

“The great thing about both coworking and wikis is that anyone can contribute to them. But without a vision or leadership for either, the entire operation is weak and unsustainable. I’m all for bringing vision, leadership, and sustainability to the coworking wiki.”
Alex Hillman, Independents Hall

“Sharing what we’ve learned is a critical part of being a coworking space owner. No one should feel they are in the dark or flying blind, trying to figure out how to handle a situation. We’ve been there and can help each other out. The wiki is a good start and with more cultivation, it can be a powerful tool.”
Susan Evans, Office Nomads

“The wiki helps with our SEO, sends us hot leads for membership inquiries and endless drop ins. From the 80-100 referrals we get per month, we easily save $250-$300 per month in CPC fees. Now imagine when it’s working optimally.”
Toby Morning, Citizen Space

“Although currently it looks kind of like a disorganized mess, the wiki is my primary source for coworking info — from business plans to relevant software to people willing to serve as coworking mentors.”
Will Bennis, Locus Workspace

“I’m supporting the wiki upgrade, because I know I will rely on the wiki through each stage of opening my own coworking space. If the site appears more organized and professional, I will have an easier time demonstrating to funders that coworking is a sound investment.”
Jessie Rymph, Purple Raincoats