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Join Us! Coworking Core Values Discussions Start January 16th

Happy New Year! A lot happened in Barcelona at the last Coworking Europe conference.  The day after the conference we held an all day Open Coworking Focus Group where we discussed what the group has achieved in the past two

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Hidden Treasures Of The Coworking Wiki: Market Research

If you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty obsessed with the Coworking Wiki around here. A big part of Opencoworking is talking to people about what the Wiki is, how it works, and why you-me-and-everyone should think about contributing a thought, article,

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Introducing: The Open Coworking Marketplace!

If you own or manage a coworking space then you have almost certainly wondered where you could find a great piece of furniture on a start-up budget, sell some things that you no longer need to people who will actually

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Our First Press Release, Early Coverage

Ah, the press release. Say what you will about it, but it’s a good document. It forces you to reflect on what you’re doing and why, to distill your identity and goals as concisely as possible, and to report on

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Coworking Wiki in deskmag!

We are thrilled about this amazing profile that’s featured in deskmag. For those of you who don’t know deskmag, it’s a fabulous source for stories and news about the ways our lives are influenced and affected by the spaces in

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