Hidden Treasures Of The Coworking Wiki: Market Research

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If you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty obsessed with the Coworking Wiki around here. A big part of Opencoworking is talking to people about what the Wiki is, how it works, and why you-me-and-everyone should think about contributing a thought, article, or link to its archives.

While lots of people searching the internet for “coworking” land on the Wiki’s front page (that’s right, the Wiki is consistently in the top three search results for “coworking” — behind only Wikipedia and coworking.com – and receives about 500 hits a day) far fewer every really dig in to the wealth of knowledge that lies beneath.

So, this little blog series “Hidden Treasures of the Coworking Wiki” aims to reveal some of the resources, knowledge, and tools that you might now know lived on the Wiki.

Up first? Market research.

Anyone who’s thinking about starting a coworking community, looking for hard stats for an investor, or just seeking insights that will help them grow and serve their existing member-base, NEEDS MARKET RESEARCH. 

We’re talking about properly executed research that delivers quantitative and qualitative results that can be extrapolated to the global community at large.

The idea of starting this type of research all on your own might make you want to run and hide, because it’s difficult and very costly. Never fear, however, the Coworking Wiki is here!

In the Coworking Studies Section (accessible from the home page) you’ll find links to global research conducted by Deskmag (the world’s first online coworking magazine) and Coworking Spain.

These are great resources, but as you might notice when you click through this section, there’s a lot of research that isn’t represented yet. This is where you come in. Yes, YOU! If you know of a great article, study, or slideshow that provides useful information about the state of coworking, how fast it’s growing, or other useful statistics, PLEASE ADD IT TO THIS SECTION!

If you’ve already used the Wiki, simply log in and navigate to the Studies Section, and add your link with a brief description. Never logged in before? No worries, use the “request access” button on the top, right side of the Wiki homepage to gain editing abilities.

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4 comments on “Hidden Treasures Of The Coworking Wiki: Market Research
  1. Chelsea says:


  2. Baptiste says:

    Very good initiative, market studies is where a lot of projects are born – although we have seen a lot of coworking spaces launch in France with no idea whatsoever of the exact market potential, and just open the space and see how the community reacts and starts to use the space…

    Also, i seem to spot a broken link towards the Cantine survey :)

  3. Beth Buczynski says:

    Good eye Baptiste! See why we need lots of people to join us in cleaning up this Wiki? I will forward this broken link to the team, and we’ll get it taken care of!

  4. Fixed!

    I would like to take this opportunity though to talk about the wiki, because I regularly get this kind of request: I notice the link is broken. I notice that this space is not included. Or this space is closed.

    I am always happy to know about it and when I can, I get it cleaned up. Cleaning up the Wiki is after all part of what we are up to with the Upgrade project. However, in order to keep this sustainable, it is important to note that this is still an all-volunteer army. And there are no generals as far as I know.

    Members and users generously share their knowledge with us — about broken links and new spaces and spaces that have moved and documents that are out of date and so on. But to keep it sustainable, folks need to take an active part in the community, and share their knowledge by adding/deleting the information.

    This last broken link was to somebody’s dropbox account, which probably has since been closed. Beth found it elsewhere and I fixed it. This took in total about fifteen minutes from start to finish.

    Multiply that by the number of links to all the spaces all over the world and directories and studies and documents and so forth on the wiki and you no longer can operate with an all volunteer army.

    Besides, as we see over and over again in our own spaces, ownership grows when we are looking after each other. I can’t tell you how many users have asked me for access to the wiki to clean up their local information, for the benefit of the community. I am grateful to each and every one.

    We love volunteers for the team of course. But *we are all members* and taking part in the coworking community by looking after each other. And I truly do not want to see a team responsible for telling folks what can and cannot be on the wiki outside of the core values we have hammered out over the years. We don’t need it, really and it has a downside which is a disconnect betwen the members of the community and the community itself.

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