Our Host Service Gets an Upgrade

PBworks – the web service that hosts the Coworking Wiki – has announced a series of user interface updates.  As our project gears up, we’re very excited to see how these updates improve the wiki user and editor experiences. It’s expected that these updates will all be in effect by June 11. A reminder: If you have something to contribute to the wiki and would like editing privileges, request access and our amazing User Coordinator, Jeannine van der Linden will get you set up.

Here’s a rundown of the changes:

Improved User Card

Each page displays the name of the last editor to update a page. If you have editing privileges, you can click on that name to see the editor’s User Card. PBworks as updated the User Card to provide more information and appear in more places, making it easier for editors to connect with each other.

Revised Network Header and Live Bar

The Network Header (top-level navigation) and Live Bar (the widget in the lower right hand corner that appears on every page) are being made more intuitive. The revised Network Header will now appear near the editor’s name when they’re logged in. The Live Bar will become more customizable for those who want to limit or disable chat or conferencing functions with other users.

Universal Action Button

PBworks used to have a single action button for the most common items, like “Create Page” or “Upload File,” with many less common action buttons displayed beneath it. Displaying each possible action resulted in a lot of visual clutter. Now, all possible actions will be under a Universal Action button. Clicking on it will bring up a list of possible actions, ordered by importance. Go ahead, click it . . . get some action.

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