Our First Press Release, Early Coverage

Ah, the press release. Say what you will about it, but it’s a good document. It forces you to reflect on what you’re doing and why, to distill your identity and goals as concisely as possible, and to report on your progress. The coworking movement is still occasionally misunderstood in the media (Coffee maker! Fax machine!), so there’s plenty of room for better publicity. In our release, we tried to talk a little bit about what makes the coworking community special and how the upgrade project is an extension of our values. There are a lot of great unreported stories in the world of coworking. If the wiki upgrade is successful, it will be another platform to highlight them. You are more than welcome to share the release with local or national press outlets as well as friends in the community.

Coworking Wiki Upgrade Project Press Release 6-4-12 (PDF)

There are two big pieces of news I want to draw attention to. The first is that we’ve received approximately $4,500 in pledged donations! We cannot thank our supporters enough. Because of you, we can continue with community outreach efforts and work toward the development of the wiki’s map-based coworking directory. We’re making great headway, but we still have a long way to go. If you’ve been thinking about making a donation but are on the fence or have some unanswered questions, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you. Funding has also allowed for the recruitment and training of new team members, which brings me to the most exciting piece of news . . .

We’ve got a full team! Sarah Cox of Cospace joined as our Volunteer Coordinator a few weeks ago (Sarah’s intern, Clarke Rahrig, will be helping out as well). We’ve also added Ashley Aspiranti of The Coop and Desktime. She will be focusing on revising and updating the wiki’s Coworking Directory. Jeannine van der Linden of Kamer52 is managing wiki resource updates and user editing privileges, and Katie Hurst of Gangplank is in charge of team coordination. Chelsea McClain will transition to the wiki oversight team when fundraising efforts have concluded. The team is already at work cataloging the wiki’s existing content and creating a structure to make it more navigable. They’re settling in nicely, and we’re looking forward to showcasing more of who they are and what they’re doing for the project on the blog.

The press release has already received some attention!

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