Open Coworking

Open Coworking is an organization created of, by, and for members of the global coworking community.

Our goal is to facilitate and promote collaboration between coworking communities around the world. We do this by supporting projects that demonstrate and emphasize the core coworking values: collaboration, openness, community, accessibility, and sustainability. We know that the key to coworking's impact lies in the core values. As coworking grows worldwide, we consider it our mission to keep the core values in the conversation.

Open Coworking was established in early 2012. The first project we embarked on was to assume responsibility for The Coworking Wiki. We have a global Coworking Map in the works, and in 2014 launched a series of Coworking Talks that tap into each core value and highlights ways different spaces put them into action.

If you would like to join or help out, there are many ways to participate. The simplest way is to make a donation or commit to contributing $25 per month or $100 per year so we have ongoing income to achieve our goals. You can also contribute your time, or the time of a paid staff member in your space. We have many roles we need to fill and are always looking for dedicated individuals looking for ways to connect with the greater community. You can also donate a membership in your space that we can use to place someone in your city. Let us know and we'll get you setup on the team.

-- The Open Coworking Team: